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The new Dutch name in Energy jewellery.

Here you see the beautiful collection, we have developed and which is manufactured exclusively for EsivaH. The jewellery is not only beautiful and affordable, but also has some added elements which can further contribute to the well-being of the user.

Millions of similar jewellery sold to satisfied users of all ages



We have looked at how to improve these products even more, not only in function, but also in the ease of use. Mainly by additional innovations, the ease of use has significantly been improved.

We are also looking for distributors. Interested? Please contact us.

Curious? Then have a closer look to this site and see what those functions and innovations are and become just as excited about this collection as we are!

100% hypoallergenic surgical steel.
This high-quality steel is much more scratch resistant than gold or silver and leaves no residue on the skin.

2. Titanium
This is an ultra light, strong and durable metal. In relation to its weight, this is the strongest metal of all metals. 45% lighter than steel and equally as strong. 100% hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on the skin..

3. Ceramic
This is a lightweight, scratch resistant, durable material. Ceramic is currently being used to protect the space shuttle. It is not only durable, but also has a nice lustrous appearance.

1. Magnets
The high-quality magnets in our collection are made of Neodymium with a minimum value of 1200 Gauss to 3000 Gauss. Magnets retain there full strength over a very long period of time. The estimated loss in strength is approximately 1% per 100 years.

2. Copper
This is a soft metal that appears to have an anti-inflammatory affect.

3. Germamium
This is a semiconductor and belongs to the carbon group.

4. FIR or Far Infra Red
This is a mix of nine chemical materials.

5. Tourmaline
This is a group of minerals that occur in certain rocks. These elements may have a positive effect on human health by bringing more balance to your body, thereby giving a more relaxed physical feeling. Pain relief is often referred to as one of the positive effects of tourmaline. It is also effective in reinforcement of the immune system, especially against the effects of invisible radiations caused by small and large devices that use wireless technology, such as mobile phones, computers, radio masts etc..


Not only do we put our attention into the quality of the jewellery, we mainly looked at ease of use. The tricky part for many people is to take off or put on your jewellery. To be able to make these closures work. patience and self-control is required.

For almost all of our bracelets and necklaces we have found the perfect solution. By using a click-screw closure, which is a sort of magnet closure with an extra screw system,
you can take off and put on your jewellery with one hand. The screw system is an extra protection against loss of your jewellery.

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